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Sound Meditation for Kids:
Two Day Workshop

Two sessions to choose from! 

Session 1:  7/22 + 7/23, 11a-1p                           

Session 2:  7/24 + 7/25, 11a-1p

Join us for this unique 2 day workshop for kids ages 9-12.  In a small group setting, kids will learn about the physics of sound and how it affects everything around us.  We’ll learn how over-tone emitting music instruments can be used to calm our minds and bodies.  Each day includes a sound meditation, as well hands-on opportunities to play instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, chimes, bells, monochord, gong and more. 


Kids should wear comfortable clothes for the meditation and bring a water bottle.  Sound meditations typically take place lying down for deep relaxation.  Yoga mats, blankets and eye pillows will be provided to make everyone comfy.  Meditations will run for 20-30 min. each day of the workshop.    


Space limited to 10 kids per session
Ages 10-13

Instructor: Tiffany Radovich (Integrative Sound and Music Certification, NY Open Center, NYC)
Cost:  $44 per student


Day 1:  Learn about sound frequencies and how they work. Heighten awareness of sound around us and explore how different sounds make us feel.  Twenty minute meditation to singing bowls, bells, and chimes.  Finish with hands-on opportunity to play the instruments.

Day 2:  Discover how sound affects matter and travels through the body.  Thirty meditation to tuning forks, and gong. Hands-on opportunity to use tuning forks on acupressure points on your own body.  Finish with a group improvisation using all the meditation instruments we've learned about.    


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