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Online Lesson Instructions:

Find your teacher's Skype ID or Zoom Information below.
Aja Broderson Using Zoom - Aja will email you links and passwords for your session
Buddy Griffith bwg1190
Cindy Radovich
David Radovich
Ed Murphy live:.cid.cb878db52672a617
Nina Madison    or   aaloconte
Pat Lavery      or     live:patlavery64
Rachel Sloane live:.cid.24d588985d078779     or
Tiffany Radovich       or       tiffyrad

  • Choosing Skype or Zoom:  Your teacher can do either Skype or Zoom, however we find Skype's default audio settings to be better for music lessons.  IHere are a few links to help you with whichever platform you go with. 
    • Skype instructions: You'll need to create an account (free), and add your teacher (via the ID above) to your contacts.  Then, you just start a video call with your teacher at your lesson time.  The default audio settings on Skype are good as is.  Read this guide for more: How to Use Skype.
    • Zoom:  You'll need to create an account (free), and have your teacher's Meeting ID and passcode (if required by your teacher's settings).  Your teacher may send you a meeting link the first time, and then you can join future meetings using the same ID and passcode at your scheduled lesson time.  An important note - the default audio settings on Zoom are not compatible for music lessons, and you will need to make several adjustments before your lessons.  Watch this video on Audio Settings for Zoom or Skype (Mac/PC) and read this Getting started guide for Zoom.
  • Initiating your Lesson:  The student will call their teacher via Skype, or enter the Zoom meeting room at their scheduled lesson time.  
    • Make sure you find and add your teacher to your Skype Contacts, or Zoom Meetings in advance, so you can start on time. 
    • Teachers will have other lessons scheduled after yours, and will not be able to run late. 
    • If you have any trouble finding or adding your teacher, please contact the Studios asap for assistance. 
  • Have your instrument, music and music stand ready to go.  
    • Get anything else you might need, like a metronome, tuner, pencil, guitar amplifier, etc. 
    • Add measure numbers to your music.  This will make it easier for a teacher to identify certain sections they’d like to work on.
  • Setting up your Lesson Space at home:  Make sure your lesson room is appropriate, and properly set up.
    • Choose a quiet room in your home without any distractions (siblings, pets, high traffic areas, etc.)
    • Set up your device in a good location.  Most teachers will prefer to see you from the side, as you look at your music stand.  Try to include your hands and instrument in the view.
    • Avoid back lighting, if possible.  Try setting up with your light source coming from behind your device, instead of behind you.
    • Consider the acoustics – rooms with hard wood floors will make the sound coming through your device harsh for teachers. A small area rug can make a huge difference.  Depending on your device, there may be a bit of an echo when you speak or play.  In these cases, earbuds/headphones seem to prevent feedback.      
  • Beginning guitar/string students - if at any time your instrument goes out of tune, please bring it into our retail store and we will be happy to tune it for you. It generally only takes a few minutes, yet it will be very difficult to have a lesson with your strings out of tune.
    • Tue - Wed: 11a-5p
    • Thurs: 11a-7p
    • Fri: 11a-5p
    • Sat: 11a-4p
    • *Closed Sunday and Monday
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