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Putnam County's only Band and Orchestra Instrument Repair Facility

- Professionally trained repair technicians.
- Most repairs completed within 2-5 business days on premises.
- Free estimates before we begin work.
- We repair woodwinds, brass, strings, guitars, digital pianos and keyboards, audio equipment and more.
- Minor repairs to full restoration and overhauls.

Professionally Trained Techs

Our technicians are proud members of the National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians (NAPBIRT). This organization strives to promote the highest possible standards of musical instrument repair service by providing members with a central agency for the exchange of information and continued education through the administration of programs that benefit its membership.

We attend workshops provided by NAPBIRT every year to keep up on new and innovative repair techniques and materials to provide reliable instrument repair service to our customers.

As professional musicians, our technicians play test every repair upon completion and be sure it's ready to go out the door.

Band and Orchestra Repair

From replacing a string, setting a sound post, to a complete overhaul. Our technicians and repair facility can handle it all.
Minimum bench rate: $68

Common tasks our technicians perform include:
- soft soldering broken braces and posts
- replacing worn pads and key corks
- silver-brazing broken keys
- removing dents
- straightening bent parts and keys
- repairing/adjusting valves and casings
- aligning and fitting moving parts
- regulating and adjusting intricate and complex key mechanisms
- restoring worn parts
- replacing damaged parts beyond repair
- resetting sound posts
- resetting bridges, sizing, or replacement
- restring, oiling fingerboard, and tuning.
- fitting or replacing nuts, end pins, chin rests, or pegs
- patching minor cracks
- resealing seams
- bow rehair (sent out, turn around 2 weeks)

Guitar Repair

Here's a short list of our most common guitar repairs:
- restring
- polish & oil frets
- install strap button
- input repair
- truss rod adjustment
- nut adjustment
- saddle adjustment 
- bridge adjustment
- tuning gear replacement
- electronic repair
- pickup swap
- nut replacement
- saddle replacement.

Need a Standard Set-Up? Here's what we do, according to the manufacturer's factory specifications:
Restring, Polish & Oil Frets, Truss Rod Adjustment, Tune Strings.

Prefer a Pro Set-Up? We'll do the following to your preferred specifications:
Restring, Polish & Oil Frets, Truss Rod Adjustment, Nut Adjustment, Saddle Adjustment, Bridge Adjustment.

Digital Piano Repair

Sticky keys, or electronic malfunctions may not mean the end of a keyboard or digital piano. Let us take a look and give you an honest repair estimate at no charge.
Audio Repair

Need help with your amplifiers, mixer, soundboard, installed audio system, or speakers? We can do that too. Need us to come to you? Give us a call and we'll set up an appointment to evaluate the problem for free.
    • Tue - Wed: 11a-5p
    • Thurs: 11a-7p
    • Fri: 11a-5p
    • Sat: 11a-4p
    • *Closed Sunday and Monday
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