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Thank you!  Your Rental Renewal has been submitted. 

What's Next?

  • Please check your inbox (spam/junk folders too) for 2 separate emails: your order invoice, and the payment link.  We aim to email within 2 business days.
  • Your invoice will come as an attachment and show the full rental price, including ERC if selected, and NYS Sales Tax.  If you have chosen the            2 payment plan, please see the "notes" on your invoice for the payment amounts and due dates.  
  • Once you get the payment link (2nd email), enter the correct amount to be charged now.  You will receive a payment receipt by email.  If you have chosen 2 payments, the balance will be due by November 1,2020 and you will be sent another payment link by mid-October.   
  • Should your rental need repair, please drop it off during current business hours.  Please allow 10-14 days turnaround, as we are taking extra precautions during the Covid-19 pandemic.  See below for more information regarding rental repairs.    
  • Questions?  Call us at: (845) 225-4515 or email:
Do you need repair service on your rental?  

Rental Service Procedures:
  • Due to the Covid Pandemic, our repair service is taking extra precautions and turnaround on each instrument is expected to take a minimum of 10 days.  Why the delay?  Studies have shown the Covid-19 virus can survive on: Brass – Up to 5 Days, Wood – Up to 4 Days, Plastic – Up to 3 Days, Strings – Up to 3 Days, and Cork – Up to 2 Days.  Therefore, all instruments entering our shop will undergo a quarantine period before and after our technicians service them.  While this may seem inconvenient, it is the safest practice for both our staff and customers alike.   
  • Please call ahead to let us know when to expect you for both drop off and pick up of your instrument so that we can have everything ready to go.  
  • Questions?  Call us at: (845) 225-4515 or email:
    • Tue - Wed: 11a-5p
    • Thurs: 11a-7p
    • Fri: 11a-5p
    • Sat: 11a-4p
    • *Closed Sunday and Monday
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