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School Year Lesson Program 2019-20

A weekly lesson program to keep momentum and maintain forward progression on your instrument.

  • Total of 36 lessons (18 lessons per semester)
  • Fall 2019 Semester (Sept 3 - Jan 25)
    • Makeup Lessons Available Jan 27 - Feb 1
  • Spring 2020 Semester (Feb 3 - June 20)
    • Makeup Lessons Available June 16-19, and 22-27
How it works:
  • Reserve a regular weekly lesson time with your teacher
  • Participate in performance opportunities each semester
  • Makeup Days available at the end of the semester
    • 24 hour cancellation notice is required to receive a makeup lesson, sorry no exceptions
    • Lessons cancelled with less than 24hr notice will not be made-up, and the lesson fee is due
    • Limit 2 makeups per semester
  • Withdrawal permitted up until the 3rd lesson of the semester with no further financial obligation. After the 3rd lesson of the semester, withdrawals will only be permitted for medical reasons and a doctor's note may be requested.  
  • Students or families taking 3 or more weekly lessons receive 5% off tuition   

Tuition Rates:  Choose from 3 payment plans
  • $720 per semester for weekly half hour lessons.
    • 4 Payments / semester: $180
      • Due Fall: Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Spring: Feb, Mar, Apr, May
    • 2 Payments / semester: $342 (5% Discount)
      • Due Fall: Sept, Nov, Spring: Feb, Apr
    • 1 Payment / semester: $648 (10% Discount)
      • Due Fall: Sept Spring: Feb



Why do we learn music? 

  • Improves academic skills by studying patterns and using critical thinking.
  • Develops coordination, fine motor skills, and encourages ambidexterity.
  • Refines discipline, patience, and perseverance through practice.
  • Teaches self-confidence and turning negative feedback into positive changes.
  • Introduces other cultures and explores periods of history.

  • Mon - Fri: 10a-7p
  • Sat: 10a-4p
  • *Closed Sunday
  • Holiday Day
    Hours May Vary.
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