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Frequently Asked Questions

Music Lesson FAQ's

How long does it take to learn to play an instrument?
It depends on your time and commitment, but it does take a while - many months to cover the basics, and years after that to play with fluidity.  Like sports, dance and other skills, regular lessons and quality practice time is the key.  Do some research on different instruments, as some are more challenging than others.

How do your lesson programs work?
Our studio offers weekly lesson programs, that run through the school year and the summer.  The School Year program runs September through June, split into Fall and Spring semesters.  The school year program has a total of 32 weekly lessons, which is 16 lessons per semester.  Students enrolled in the fall will automatically be enrolled in the spring semester at their regular lesson time.  If you need to make a scheduling change or decide not to continue in the spring, just contact us in January and let us know.  Our summer package is 6 lessons, and does allows more flexibility to schedule around summer vacations. 

Can I try a lesson before signing up for the semester?
We offer a 3 lesson trial package, for those unsure if the time is right to start formal music lessons.  Book a time slot for 3 weeks and if you decide to enroll in the remainder of the semester, your payment will be credited towards the semester tuition price.  You can also check out our shorter summer packages that run in July and August.

Can I just book one lesson at a time?
Our school year lesson program fills up quickly, so we are rarely able to accommodate any kind of "pay-as-you-go" type of scheduling.  However, we do keep a call list and can let you know if we get a cancellation and you'd like to come in.

Can I take any lessons online?
Yes.  If you need to move one or more of your in-person music lessons online instead, just call or email us no later than NOON for Mon-Fri lessons, or by 8pm FRI for Sat morning lessons and we'll set it up. 

What's your lesson cancellation policy?
Because our teachers get fully booked, it's pretty unlikely we'll be able to move lesson times for you once the semester gets underway.  You'll want to make sure you find a good time that will work for several months.  Each student is permitted 2 (two) cancellations per semester to be rescheduled for the Makeup Week at the end of the semester.  *Please note, that while a lesson may be cancelled with short notice, the number of makeups permitted will be limited to two.  Any additional cancelled lessons, or "no shows" will not be rescheduled.  A student may choose to discontinue lessons at any time with no further financial commitment, however any outstanding makeup lessons will be forfeited.  No refunds or credits will be issued.

What happens on Snow Days?
School closings do not necessarily mean the Studios are closed for the day.  Very often, a morning snow storm can be cleaned up in time for afternoon lessons to be held as usual.  In the event we do need to close due to inclement weather, we will notify students via text and email no later than noon Mon-Fri, and by 8pm Fri (for Sat lessons). Please make sure you have signed up to receive texts from us (check your Parent Portal contact settings). Be sure to add our email address ( to your safe contact list so we don't end up in your junk folder.

At what age should my child start lessons?
This is different for everyone, and will primarily depend on your child's maturity.  But generally speaking, age 7 is great for piano, violin, voice, drums, and guitar, or ukulele, and then winds and brass instruments closer to age 10.  Also, some instruments come in smaller sizes for young students, but not everything.  For example, ukulele might be a good choice until a child can reach their hand around a guitar neck.  Read much more on this other page of ours. 

Do adults sign up for your program?
Of course!  We have many adult students returning to something they played a while ago, or picking up something new.  If you're not sure about signing up for the semester, check out our summer packages - they usually run just for July and August, and it's a fun way to spend your summer. 

Will your teachers travel to my home to give lessons?
No, all our lessons take place at our Studios where teachers have access to teaching materials, repair tools, and other instruments and equipment.

What should I bring to my lessons?
Everyone needs to bring their instrument (except for piano - we have one in every room, drums - but bring your sticks, or amplifiers - but bring your cable), sheet music or books, a pencil, and maybe a notebook.  If you need to rent something, check with our retail store.     

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